Our automated patching and testing solution is designed to adapt to different scenarios depending on the needed application in optical fiber networks. The main focus is to keep it simple to avoid complexities that could create additional points of failure. Therefore the passive layer of the solution is a traditional ODF (optical distribution frame) with all core functions and design, able to be run manually if needed. The active layer equipped with the automation technology is simply attached to the frame, and can be removed or maintained without any interruption of the physical network elements.


Our passive layer can grow with the application over time and maintains full functionality independent of any active components. It combines all the central features known to ODFs and provides a solid foundation for our robot. The system can accept incoming connections in basically all possible ways; from splicing them directly in the trays stored on the frame, via multi-fiber cables connectors like MPO/MTP or even connected to existing patch-panels with legacy support.

Scalable from 48 ports to 6912 │ High density and low loss connectivity │ No limitations on input source


The reliable robotics that can handle the connection and fiber-management across the whole passive layer are able to grow with the system. The sophisticated routing algorithm will make sure to always keep the frame clean and ready for the next connection. The test-probe attached on the robotic head can grant test-access to perform a wide variety of functions like VFL, ODTR or power-tests. An IP-Camera additionally allows us to observe every movement of the robot and perform vision-based security checks.

Automated connections of any two ports│ Remote test-access and fiber management │ Integrated IP-camera and light


Our whole solution comes with its own software suite to grant full remote access from anywhere. Every operation of the robot will be tracked automatically including all test-results which are stored on the server for later reverential use. There is no need to change or overhaul existing management-software as our solution is designed to be integrated in basically any tool imaginable. Combined with the 24-7 availability establishing new connections or trouble-shooting has never been easier.

Always up-to-date database │ REST API for seamless integration │ 24-7 operation of whole network of robots