The biggest innovations of the Internet take their origin in the inter-connectivity of the datacenter space. To enable the uninterrupted communication between different customers, ISPs and IXPs the meet me room (MMR) becomes the central point in the global network architecture. Our solution provides the flexibility and security needed to provide fast response times without remote hands or technicians to enter the datacenter. A new cross-connection can be established anytime from anywhere. 


We rely on huge private and dark-fiber networks to be prepared for the future demand of new communication lines. These networks have a large amount of fibers and span across vast distances. To manage such a large decentralized network consisting of fibers that may be unused for months, our solution provides a perfect opportunity to reroute, provision and regularly test each fiber without the need of a truck-roll or army of technicians. Wtih the automation of the physical layer, new value comes to the network and troubleshooting becomes faster.


The need for high bandwidth and low latency internet for each home creates a huge challenge for service providers which are bound to be more pressing with the planned development of 5G mobile coverage. Our automated patching and testing solution can be directly deployed at the beginning of the access-network and reliably orchestrate timely connections. With the test-feature trouble-shooting becomes easier as the customer-service can analyze the physical fiber from remote.