Our unique automated patching and testing solution for fiber optical networks grants a new way to manage the connections on a physical level. The advantages of network automation and “software defined networks” (SDN) have helped to improve the reliability and speed of global communications. Manual interactions are not needed in the daily operation anymore with our approach to handle the Layer-0. Contact us and see how a remote controlled robot can revolutionize your network architecture. To stay ahead of all the new developments it is time to think about the future now.


Our technology is designed in a modular fashion. This allows us to adapt to a wide variety of different applications and deployment scenarios. We don’t believe in a one-fits-all solution and work close together with our customers to realize the most efficient solutions to their challenges. We are ready starting from 144 fibers directly spliced into a street cabinet over a colocation meet me room that controls 6912 connections with MPO-cables fed into our solution to a multi-level deployment of over 30,000 cross-connections over several floors.


Our team of experienced engineers and network-experts are as flexible as our technology. We grow with your challenges to solve the complex problems from the local FTTH-project to multi-layered global distributed networks.


We make sure that every piece of equipment that leaves our production has been tested extensively. Our whole system is designed to prevent single points of failure and industry proven technology reduces the need for technical maintenance to a minimum. 


Our experience grows with every new solution and problem our customers face in their daily operation. We are constantly working on new designs on the hardware and software level to adjust to new environments.